I have worked on a number of different projects, from picture books to middle-grade fiction and to a graphic novel. Some of the typical scenarios in my work are help clients to…

  • imagine their target audience, with attention to the specific age or ages of the readers and their psychological priorities;
  • find a voice that feels authentically theirs AND speaks deeply to the reader;
  • figure out how to best set up a narrative urgency or problem;
  • maintain tension throughout the narrative… and–
  • craft a satisfying conclusion or resolution to the problem.

Rather than insert myself into the work, I usually give suggestions for further followup (some of which include examples of what might happen on the page), and it is the client who develops and grows. (Of course, I grow through this too!)

Children’s literature is one of my great loves. I appreciate its enormous possibilities for playful exploration, its often lyrical language, its childlike honesty and warmth. To get started working together on your children’s writing, please get in touch by e-mail at olga@livshinediting.com.

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