Shepherding any literary work through an editing process can be disheartening for any writer, but if you are lucky enough to work with an editor such as Olga Livshin, you know your work will be given the most professional, heartfelt attention. Olga’s literary skill in editing—whether it be essays, poems, academic papers, or longer works—is impeccably professional.

And because she is a poet, writer and teacher herself, she doesn’t just edit—she goes beyond mechanics and grammar and keeps in mind the nuances and tone of language, and most importantly, the writer’s vision. She reads and edits with a deeply passionate eye, helping writers and artists say what it is they are trying to say, and to say it unforgettably.

— Kathleen Witkowska Tarr


Writing children’s books is my passion, and I’ve worked with Olga on several stories. She has a sharp sense of the craft of children’s writing, as well as an enthusiastic command of existing literature. Olga has worked with me to develop characters and shape plots, create story arcs and do line editing. I am relatively new to writing, and I love that she takes what I know and expands upon it, helping me to try new approaches and encouraging me to mature as a writer. Olga is also very easy to get along with—I love getting her creative and friendly feedback!

— Sarah Heaton


A poem, to me, is like a newborn. It is alive, it wants to develop into the person that it must be. Olga has helped me shape and articulate and refine and polish the bodies and the voices of my poems, and effectively served as my agent in bringing them to the attention of literary magazines. Her criticism, like her own poetry, earns trust by being both sensitive and non-sentimental.

— Maria Gapotchenko


We are a mother/daughter author team writing our first children’s book. Olga helped navigate the process, she was such a big help in the development of ideas and helping us see the vision of our book more clearly.

— Maria Love and Bizette Love Gailewicz


Always outstanding, nary an ouchie to be found, always opting for the clearest path to a point, what Olga offered was the exact feedback I needed, when I needed it, how I needed it. (And, if that sentence was in my book, she would have politely found a way to say it was o-o-over the top!)

I’m a multi-time best-selling business author who struggled with a new format — writing a fable. Olga perfectly understood what I was trying to do, delivered on time and on-budget, and gave the exact advice and changes I needed. Beyond brilliant edits, most important to me was that she got me. She understood my struggles, my project, what I was trying to achieve, and took the time to learn all that before jumping into edits. That was huge!

— Bill Jensen


Olga is the master of her craft! I came to her with a particularly rough draft and with wanting confidence as I was trying out a new writing genre. I left with a well-developed manuscript and a great deal of confidence to pursue this project further. Olga’s intuition as a writer, scrupulous attention to detail, professionalism, and tact when making suggestions have been very helpful. Working with her has been productive during the very early stages of drafting and brainstorming as well in the finishing phase of polishing and copyediting. I found her interest in my writing especially gratifying. Her knowledge is not just some calcified scholastic remnant left after all the years of pursuing her impressive education. She keeps up with the most recent trends in literature, sharing new perspectives generously. Her keen insight, editorial skills, and constant encouragement brought my project to fruition. Olga is fast, affordable, efficient, easy to communicate, and supportive. I cannot thank her enough for her exemplary work; I will definitely continue using her for any future needs.

— Kristina Toland


I have had the pleasure of working with Olga several times. She provides in-depth editing, and she gets it done fast. Olga is always highly engaged with the text and the author, asking questions and discussing various aspects of my work in order to do the best possible job. She has worked with me on different kinds of texts, and all of them came out precise and polished. Olga also has a fantastic personality, pleasant and supportive. She is professional in every way. I recommend her highly!

— Ksenia Serdyuk

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